We've already started seeing commercials for the new Xbox Kinect... but what is it exactly?  

Another choice in the world of motion activated video games and accessories, unlike its predecessor though  the Wii, this one simply attaches to your current XBOX.   Also unlike it’s Nintendo companion, there aren’t any real controllers with this one. It’s  voice-activated, and thanks to a 3-D camera and the microphones that come with the system, players are inside the games themselves. From running in place to throwing objects, the games respond to both their voices and movements, and turning it off is as simple as anything else inside this virtual world. A simple “Stop” command does the trick.

This one is at the top of the Hot Holiday Toys list for 2010...  Several Xbox Kinext bundles will be available this season.  If this year is anything like other holiday seasons, I wouldn't wait too long to purchase this one!