If you're one of those people who taps a pencil to whatever's playing on The New 96.1/Joy-FM, you might enjoy this. Composer and sound designer Diego Stocco, who earlier this year was able to coax music from a tree [Really. Click this link if you don't believe me], worked out a way to make music from a most-unlikely place; a dry cleaning shop!

Stocco passed by a dry cleaners on the way to a bakery in San Francisco. He heard the variety of sounds coming from the equipment inside and, instead of being annoyed by the noise [as many of you would be], he heard the roots of a song [of course, if you can make music from a tree, a dry cleaners is probably a piece of cake]. Here's the video that shows it all coming together:

[DSSessionVideo, via YouTube]

Gotta admit, it sure beats the Geico "smartphone" band:

[GEICO, via YouTube]

Are you a pen-tapper? Or do you just wanna beat up the pen-tapper in the next cubicle? And what do you think of this "dry cleaning equipment sounds"stuff? Is it music, or what? Leave your opinions, either below or on our Facebook page.