This is my son.  He couldn't wait any longer.  He just had to jump in the pool on Mother's Day, even though the water temperature was only 58 degrees.  Yep, just 58 degrees.  Which raises the question how cold is too cold for a dip in the pool? 

I really like the temperature at least 80, warmer if I could get away with it.  Kids don't care though, especially boys.  If they're having fun, that's all that matters.  My daughter likes it a little warmer now that she is older.  My son though, was eager to go in.  We came home from his baseball game Sunday morning, and Jerry put together the pool basketball net he bought on Craig's List at the end of last season.  (Jerry's always out for a good deal!  But that's another story.)  Anyway, Ryan so wanted to swim and now he really wanted to try out that basketball net too.  I said no, it's way to cold.  So did, Jerry and both of Ryan's grandmothers who were there visiting for Mom's Day.  Grandpa said it's wasn't a good idea either.  Still, he came downstairs in his swimsuit with a towel and the old come on Mom routine, saying I'll be fine.  I thought this is one of those times it's just not something worth arguing about.  I figured he'd learn his lesson when he jumped in.  I grabbed the camera and said, let's go.  Ryan happily made his way out to the pool, grabbing a ball to play basketball with...  and yes, he jumped in.  Again and again and again.  Never fully submerged himself.  He did though, play basketball for 15-20 minutes before we headed back in the house to our company.  Monday morning, he woke up with a sore throat.  I would think he moral of the story is if you swim in 58 degree water on a chilly day you are going to be sick.  In Ryan's mind though he's "Winning!"  Not only did he get to swim, but he got a day off from school.  Charlie Sheen would be proud.  Now, I know how Charlie's mom must feel.  This is not funny.