At this year's Chocolate Affair, one table stood out in particular to this dog lover/spoiler.  Canine Cupcakes...yes, cupcakes for dogs. Doesn't your four-legged furry friend deserve dessert too???

Jacob, one of the owners, came to the studio to drop off treats for the pups.  But if my DJ is gonna eat it, mama's gotta taste-test it.

JoyFM / Laura Daniels

I don't recommend trying this with all of your pet's treats; however, these are 100% natural and made of real people I had to give it a whirl.

I'm crazy like that.

Full disclosure: This was unexpectedly shot on a Friday....I'm pretty dressed down, and had my hair pulled up in a clip for most of the morning, and had been taking my headphones off and on for hours.  So for the sake of vanity, I must proclaim:  I don't usually look this awful.  Usually.

PS...I'm not the one these are designed for.  But I can tell you DJ LOVED THEM!!!!!