As relatives get older, taking care of them seems to become more difficult or may just remain the same.

However, in the cases of having to take more care of them, many decisions need to be made.

I have a lot of listeners who call in and request a song for their loved ones that live far away, beyond the scope of a quick or even long drive. They send out their love and dedications over the airwaves to help bridge that gap, which oftentimes provides a great comfort. But sometimes I take calls from people whose hearts are breaking over the fact that they can't live closer to their aging parents to help care for them, and they feel lost as to what they can do. So I want to give some sound advice today that may help those folks. Even if this doesn't apply to you now, it may someday, or it may be advice you can pass along to a friend, so keep reading...

Often, an aging parent or loved one can remain safely in their home longer with help from a professional caregiver. There are many options when it comes to home care, including using an agency like Interim HealthCare. Working with an established, experienced agency like Interim means you don't have to worry about things like background checks, federal and state taxes, or finding a replacement if your caregiver is sick or decides to quit.

For those who live a long distance from a parent or loved one, choosing the right caregiver can seem even more difficult. How do you know who to contact? Choosing a national provider with an excellent reputation - like Interim HealthCare - means you can rest assured your loved one will receive excellent care from a trustworthy, qualified and caring person. With over 300 locations nationwide, Interim likely has an office where you need it. Visit to get started on your journey to peace of mind.


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Rachel Specht contributed to this post