My son is still playing baseball this fall, now for New Era. Their uniform includes WHITE baseball pants. My first thought was UGH!  How am I ever going to get them clean! My daughter is cheerleading for the Junior Redskins and trying to keep her white shoes and sox clean is a chore as well, especially because the boys play football in all kinds of weather so the girls will cheer in the rain and mud sometimes!

So how do you get these uniforms clean? I did a little checking and found a few tips online, but would love your input as well!  has a four step process for getting dirt and grass out of sports pants, beginning with a stain removal spray, presoaking in a cold water stain presoak solution, soak for two to six hours and finally start the machine! Once the cyle is done, hang the pants to air dry.

Personally, I have found its's as much about the products you use as well as the process.  Lots of Tide, lots of soaking and washing repeatedly works for me. 

Whether it's fresh grass stains, mud or old ground in stains, has all kinds of stain removal advice. 

What's your trick for getting the kids clothes looking like new again?