Everybody has that one thing, or even many things, that they are grateful for.

Delilah explains that these "gratitudes" could be anything from an object to a person or even an experience.

"Gratitudes" are objects, people or experiences for which you are grateful. And we have a zillion things to be grateful for, including those very ordinary, everyday objects that don't get enough credit for how easy they make our lives. I'm going to list just 10 gratitudes to get started in hopes to gets the wheels turning today and begin to recognize some of our overlooked blessings...

The Washing Machine - because I can't imagine washing that many clothes by hand.

Utensils - because lasagna is hard to pick up with your hands.

Paint - because our walls, cities and lives would be bland and boring without it.

The Drive-Thru - because some genius realized it would make life so much easier for moms and dads.

Email - because as much as we want to dig out that paper, pen, envelope and stamp...

The Door Mat - because towels and rugs just won't withstand the mess that comes off of Zach's shoes every day.

Chocolate - because...do I really have to explain this one?

The Screen Door - because a nice breeze is welcome in a home, but flies are not.

Nail Clippers - because I'm not into biting my nails.

The Throw Blanket - because it's warmed many laps and comforted many sick children.

What's the gratitude that made your life a little easier today? Remind me with one of those convenient emails - send me a note at D@Delilah.com.

What's a gratitude that has made your life a little easier throughout the years? Share by commenting below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post