If you've been single for a while, sometimes you can LOATHE New Year's Eve. I know it all too well...this was the first year in SEVEN years I had someone to kiss at midnight. Trust me, I feel the pain.

A new study just came out that figured out the average number of dates, relationships, partners and everything else you have to go through before you meet "The One". It's not a perfect science of course, and I would debate many of the study's findings. But here they are...the number of random things you must go through before Prince Charming arrives:

  • 15 kisses (??????)
  • 2 long-term relationships
  • 3 shorter relationships
  • 4 disastrous dates
  • 2 heartbreaks
  • 7 sexual partners
  • Being cheated on once, and cheating on someone once
  • Falling in love twice
  • Living with someone once

These numbers were for women....they were basically the same for men, except (surprise!) men had more sexual partners.

So...will 2014 finally be the year for you? With a couple thousand singles at our World's Largest Singles Party, the odds are stacked in your favor!