So much for fast food, a new survey finds Brits spend three years in the kitchen serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner!  How much time do you spend making meals?

The survey found folks in Britain will use 1,132 days or 27,156 hours in a lifetime slaving over a hot stove. The survey of 30,000 adults was commissioned by AGA Cookshop and found Brits cook about 72 minutes a day. Over a lifetime, that's about three years!
(For more details on the survey from the Daily Mail click here!)

I figure, roughly, I spent about two hours in the kitchen on Sunday trying to stock up on meals for the week.  Then maybe 45 minutes to an hour each day, depending on who is eating what when.  I'll say seven hours a week cooking, so in a lifetime (I plan on living a long time) that would be over three years!  Oh my!  How much time do you spent in the kitchen?