My daughter is 13-years-old and she'll be trick or treating this year, as will my 10-year-old son.  I really think its fine for kids to go door to door straight through high school as long as they are respectful and polite.  What do you think?

Joe and I asked you on the air and on Facebook this morning "How Old Is Too Old To Trick Or Treat?  The generally unanimous answer was "You're never to old to trick or treat!" 

We had one caller who told us she dresses up with her nephew's son and goes door to door collecting candy even as an adult! 

Others on Facebook, like Erin Spantastik wrote "The last time I Trick or Treated I was 22. :) Too old? Nah!" 

Facebook Fan Patricia Ciliento said "My son is 13 he is going out with friends, the min I find out he is not polite I will never let him go again!!"

Mary Elliott-Albright writes "you are never to old there is always a little kid inside you screamming to come out but in most places it is 12 years old."

Karen Goodwill Messing said "I don't care how old the trick or treaters are as long as they are polite. It seems the older the get the ruder they get. Don't stand on my porch and stick your bag in my face without saying a word because I wont give you anything, and as I tell my children as you leave say Thank you!"

I think it's really all about dressing up and having a little fun!  As long as anyone who comes to your door is respectful, than why not?  What do you think?