If you watched Honey Boo Boo, you know her niece was born with an extra little somethin'....


Yep.  A third thumb.

Do you have naturally blue eyes?  Only 8 percent of us do!

A natural blonde? Sorry, only 2 percent actually are.

Ten percent of us have a second toe that's longer than the first.

Seventy-five percent of us can roll our tongues.

And finally, only one in 2,000 of us has webbed toes!

My only "abnormality" is that I'm double-jointed in my left thumb.  I can bend it backward all the way to hit my wrist.  But that's not very exciting.  Also, 100 percent useless (so far).

JoyFM / Laura Daniels

Josh Mule can "clover" his tongue.

JoyFM / Josh Mule

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How weird ARE you, Buffalo?!?!?