While seeding my lawn the other day I saw a dead mouse by the shed. I did put poison in there and it appears to have done it's job. What are the most common pests found in Western New York State and how do you control them? Here are a few tips.

Recently WIVB TV in Buffalo filed this report:

Carpenter ants love damp and moist areas. Add a few specs of food in low, shady damp areas, and you have a problem. Here are a few pointers on how to prevent an infestation.

Cluster flies can accumulate by the thousands infesting homes in Western New York during the Spring and Summer. Upstate New York is well known for this problem so here are a few pointers on eliminating these pests.

Recently I posted a story on how to spider proof your home.

After seeing that dead mouse, I'm taking these steps to prevent them from getting into the house. Along with my cat roaming the garage, I'll also do this.

And finally, Carpenter bees, Honey bees, and Bumble bees are the most common type of the bees that can be a nuisance in Western New York. They are all pollinators and do assist with agriculture but getting stung is not part of that plan.

There you go Western New York. We hope this helps you understand more about these pests and how they can be controlled.