Buffalo On Tap is just days away! But before you join us this Saturday at the Buffalo Convention Center, make sure you're prepared with the ultimate beer-sampling accessory -- the pretzel necklace.

Tony and I are going to show you how it's done!

What you need to make the best pretzel necklace.

Things you need:

  • pretzels (the more varieties, the more creative you can be!)
  • string/ribbon
  • scissors
We used three different varieties of pretzels to make our necklaces: sourdough, tiny twists, and snaps.

1. Cut at least an arm's length of string or ribbon.

Arms length of ribbon

2. Be as creative as you like in stringing your pretzels onto the ribbon!

Tony gets his pretzel crafting on.

3. Tie a knot to finish it off, and wear proudly (and snack happily) at Buffalo On Tap this weekend!

I feel like I've got a real Flava Flav thing happening with mine