Today is National Margarita Day and if you don't want to go out and get one, find out how to make the perfect home at home!

Making the perfect Margarita is really simple.

First, grab some Ice and a blender. Then add your Margarita mix and Tequilla. Blend, serve, and enjoy!!!

Of course, you can always add some extras to make your Margarita special.

Any kind of fruit will work. We are a big fan of strawberries. You can add almost any kind of berry. Also with a sweeter mix, you can use sugar around the rim of the glass instead of salt to keep the sweetness of the drink.

Another option is adding some Triple Sec to the mix. This will give some sweetness as well.

Finally...we found that adding a splash of Orange Juice to the traditional Margarita mix adds some flavor and cuts the sourness a bit!

Frozen or on the rocks, it doesn't matter today. Just make sure to enjoy a Margarita or two and make sure you have a plan to get home safe!