Does who you bump into or encounter on your way into workdetermine how your day will go?

I was in the elevator on the way up to the station this morning.  I held the door for a woman coming in, she said thank you.  The door stayed open for some time and she made a joke about how I didn't even need to hold the door for her.  I replied with "sometimes you barely sneak in the door, other times you have to wait for it to close".    She walked out and told me to have a nice day and I did the same.  Not the most exhilerating dialogue, I know.

That small encounter put me in a good mood and started my day off right.  Had the person been grumpy or made a snide comment, maybe my day wouldn't have went as well or maybe i wouoldn't have been as productive.

So tomorrow, start someone's day right, and be nice to them :)