Most of us look at our phone the minute we wake up, and it's the last thing we look at every day.  It's definitely a huge part of our lives, but it could also be making us...less attractive???

Here's why...

  1. Dark circles under your eyes -- Radiation from the phone that can cause headaches and keep you awake can also create under-eye circles, as well as stress and depression. Experts advise if you MUST look at your phone in bed, dim the setting and hold it 14 inches away from your face.
  2. Crow's feet -- If you squint, you're causing wrinkles. And when you're reading email, web pages or KNOW you're squinting. See if you can change the font.
  3. Acne -- Your phone has 18 times more bacteria on it than a toilet handle. And it's on your face all day. So obviously it's a pathway for germs to get on your skin and cause breakouts. Swab it down with a cloth every now and then. They do sell phone sanitizer for $50...if that's how you roll.
  4. Turkey neck -- Also known as "text neck", it's what happens because you're looking down at your cell so much. If the jawline sags, the only cure is surgery. So do what you can to not look down as much (!!!).
  5. Bloodshot eyes -- No one can rock this look, but if you stare at your phone hours a day, you'll end up with swollen, dilated blood vessels. Don't look at the phone unless you absolutely have to. Which means that most of us need to buy a watch. ;)