If you resolved to lose weight in the New Year, and you're still on your diet, you've already beaten the odds. A new survey finds 92-percent of New Years dieters have already broken their diet.

An estimated 2.6 Million people resolved to lose weight in 2012. The Daily Mail reports many broke their diets last Friday and by Sunday all was lost, except the weight of course.

Two out of 10 dieters acknowledge breaking their weight loss plans four to five days after beginning a new diet, citing hunger as the main reason.  Boredom and alcohol are also blamed for broken resolutions.

The story indicates findings, released by weight loss firm XLS-Medical, suggest  the vast majority of dieters are unsuccessful at sticking to their eating plans for more than five days a week.  Experts say even falling off the wagon for one day can undo a week's worth of dieting.  One key to losing weight, they say, is to not give up dieting on the weekends.