They say Buffalo is the city of good neighbors, and of course, there's the old stereotype of Canadians being incredibly polite.

Here, an entire community proved the latter is not only true, but they'll go above and beyond.

A 7 year old boy naemd Evan Leversage in a small town outside Toronto was diagnosed with brain cancer, right before his 2nd birthday.

His doctors don't think he has much time...and his mom was told they may want to celebrate Christmas early this year.

So his family started handing out flyers to see if anyone wanted to help.

A LOT of people did.

HUNDREDS have put up their Christmas decorations...complete strangers have dropped off gifts...and one group showed up singing carols.

They held a parade last Saturday with 25 floats, and Evan got to ride on one with Santa.

3,000 people live in Evan's town....SEVEN THOUSAND showed up.  They even brought in snow-making machines.