Arnold Schwartzeneger is a tool.  A HUGE tool.  Cheated on his wife...MULTIPLE times, fathered a child with one of the many women, then wrote a tell-all book detailing said cheating and general narcisistic behavior.  And then...and THEN goes on a press junket to end all press junkets telling anyone who will listen that he is confident that once his wife Maria calms down that...get this...SHE WILL TAKE HIM BACK!!!!!!!!


You can't say the guy doesn't have a set.  I watched him on Piers Morgan last night and he was saying the same thing he's said on all the other interviews then Piers asked him about politics.  He asked what he thinks of all the negative campaign ads going on right now in the presidential election cycle and he get this...that BOTH sides MAKE STUFF UP!!!!

Now I can't say I, EVERYBODY,  didn't know this already but I have NEVER heard ANY politician say this EVER!!!!  I have heard them say that they disagree with the tactic but I have NEVER heard a politician admit THAT THEY MAKE STUFF UP!!!!. Especially when your party is REALLY CLOSE in the polls this close to the election...I guess Arnold has decided he's done in politics and just doesn't care or he's too narcisistic to think that it would hurt him.

So...I agree with Arnold.  They make stuff up.  BOTH parties.  This is just killing me-seriously...but I guess truth is truth.  Even when a narcisistic, egotistical, mysoginistic politician speaks it.

It still hurts to say it!  Forgive me Maria...