This YouTube video was sent to me by a friend. All she said in the email was, "I want this dog!".

Whether your dog can do like tricks like this or not, what they ALL provide is unconditional love. If you'll remember, a couple of weeks ago we had to say goodbye to our 13 year old canine companion 'Pearl' when she developed a large malignant tumor. It's been so tough, as we miss her so much. (Click HERE to read our story)

In case you were not aware, October is "Adopt A Shelter Pet Month". On a happy note, we did find a new dog in need of love and a little extra care. His name is 'Tristan' and I'll be sharing the story of this wonderful dog in the next few days. And yes, he is a shelter rescue. I am looking forward to telling you more. Meantime, enjoy this great video of 'Jesse'. I bet you will also say, "I WANT THIS DOG!".