A lot of popular names today come from celebrities or possibly the roles they play in a movie. 

Mila - for Mila Kunis.  Mila is actually the most popular of the star names people are using.

Harry - after the prince, of course.

Bristol - after Bristol Palin.

Adele - duh?

Did you name a child after a celebrity?  Which one?

If you were naming a baby today, what name would you take?

My daughter's name is Marissa.  I was going for Alyssa (for Alyssa Milano), but I was vetoed by my wife.  One of the TV shows we watched that year was 'The OC.'  The main character's name was Marissa, so that was the compromise I guess.  So in my mind she was loosely named after Alyssa Milano, but influenced by 'The OC' character.