We've all heard of having a friend call us for a "fake emergency" if we're on a date, just in case things aren't working out.

This Google Chrome app is kind of the same idea, but for the office!  It's a marriage between the fake emergency call, and the "Boss Button" during March Madness!

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We've all got ONE of those (if not many) coworkers who's passion seems to be wasting your time. Their superpower is coming to your desk when you're MOST busy, embroiled in an important project, and time-sucking you with stories of their knitting club or cat's latest obsession.

(And hey, you might just be in the middle of aimless web-surfing, or reading all kinds of important stuff from Mix96Buffalo.com...but either way, the distraction is annoying!)

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If you use Google Chrome, the new app is cleverly called "Nope".  When you click it, the app actually calls your cell phone, so you can pick it up and start having a fake conversation.  You can make the call seem important or serious, or whatever.  The point is, then you do the classic move:  cover the part of the phone you talk into, apologetically mouth the words "Sorry, I've gotta take this", and hope they get the picture, and walk away!

It's free, and could get you out of those awful "Did I ever tell you about my thimble fascination?!?!" conversations!

To get it free, Google "nope chrome".  Voila!