Those pesky periplaneta. We have all seen them in our lifetime. I was up late one night watching my television and eating. I know I should not have, but the crispy kettle chips were calling my name. As I placed a chip in my mouth I saw a large periplaneta, mice and other rodents appear on my screen. Uugg I immediately dropped my chip from my mouth. I thought "this is why you don't eat late at night". It was a commercial for a doo dad that keeps those nasty pests away.

We will do anything to keep our homes clean and free of pests. Regardless of your living situation. NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE WITH periplaneta or ROACHES. A man in Buffalo was so determined to get rid of them he accidentally set the house on fire.  He ignited a ROACH bomb in the kitchen, which caused the furniture to ignite as well. The fire caused about $5,000 damage and I can guarantee the roaches will be back. I can imagine them in their little roach hole laughing as they sent the family running from the house. I feel their pain. I imagine there is nothing worse than turning on the lights and watching those pesky critters scatter. If you have this problem let this story serve as an example, call a professional exterminator.