Halloween weekend is here and I already have my costume set, however I'm feeling down about my choice. I bought my costume a few weeks ago and spent quite a bit of money on it. So when I was costume shopping for a friend and saw this I immediately regretted my previous decision.

In the store I found this Pumpkin suit!! Now this is not just any ordinary pumpkin suit, this happens to be the exact suit that Tom Hanks wore in the recent SNL skit when he played the character "David Pumpkins". Who is David Pumpkins you ask?? EXACTLY. Thats the joke, nobody knows who David Pumpkins is. If this suit wasn't $70 and I didn't already have a costume, THIS would be my costume. I'm not sure if any stores still carry it now that it's popular, but if you see it let me know!

If you haven't seen the SNL skit with Tom Hanks check it out its hilarious!