My 12-year-old daugher and I were heading home the other day...  talking over the day's events when Jen said, "Imagine a world without mean people..."  I thought, "Wow, wouldn't that be great!"  Before I could say anything though, Jen went on to say, "It'd be pretty empty!"  We both had a good laugh! 

Kids say the funniest yet most insightful things at times.  They have no filters, they just say what's on their minds.  I wish I had written all of those things down through the years.  Maybe if we all shared these moments...  we'd be a little wiser, a little happier... and having a little more fun, like my daughter Jen and her friends!  (They were getting ready to go to their first dance.) 

So tell me about your kids insightful moments... feel free to blog below!