Here's Gordon and I with Dave Farrow....wearing his "Pharaoh" hat....different spelling, but helps you remember, doesn't it??? :)

We had a GREAT time with Dave this morning, learning about his incredible memory techniques.  He's a Buffalonian, and a Guinness World Record Holder for Greatest Memory...he was able to recall the EXACT ORDER of 59 full decks of cards, shuffled!

I can't remember why I walked into a room most of the time.

Dave is holding a special event tonight at UB (North Campus) at Norton 112 and it's just $10, with proceeds benefiting the LOCAL chapter of the Make-A-Wish foundation.

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He's also got a WONDERFUL book that can help ANYONE improve their memory, of any age!  Two lucky listeners won copies this morning....because they were able to recall items on the list Dave gave at 7:20!  It was pretty amazing!

Because he was so amazing, I had to include audio from how we learned the list....

The technique/the list:

Maria (listener) amazes herself by reciting the list...backwards!

Pat also recalled items from the list!