I started working at Genesee Community College almost 9 years ago, and within the first few weeks of being in Batavia, I quickly learned about the "Holiday Man."

His real name was Robert Zeagler. He passed away Thursday, November 3. He was 70 years old.

Every city and town across America has its own characters, and Mr. Zeagler was Batavia's. He was known for elaborate costumes for every holiday, and even more well-known for how he'd deck out his car for every occasion.

For whatever strange reason, every time I'd make a run to Walmart in Batavia, I'd always wind up parking near, or next to Mr. Zeagler's car (we must have had the same shopping schedule!). I never knew him personally -- but like everyone else in Batavia -- you still felt like you knew him.

I'll miss being on the lookout for his car. He made so many people smile -- what a character.

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