Tupperware has been around for 65 years. It conjures up pictures of moms in dresses working in the kitchen and storing leftovers in Tupperware containers. And don’t forget that “wossh” of air as you seal the lid!

Sound old fashioned? Not true! Tupperware is more popular than ever! A Tupperware party is held every 1.7 seconds somewhere in the world! That’s up from 2.3 seconds!

Today’s Tupperware comes in edgy colors. New products include appetizer trays and salt and pepper shakers.

My best experience with Tupperware was on a camping trip. We had baked cookies and put them in a Tupperware container. Leaving them on the picnic table, we went for a walk. When we returned there was a squirrel sitting on the Tupperware container gnawing away at it trying to get at the cookies! It caused damage to the container, but he never reached the cookies! We still have the container to this day!

Do you have a personal experience with Tupperware? Let me know!