The first big snow of the season is just hours away. Some of us are dreading the white stuff, while others...well, others can't wait for it.But what if the amount you're going to get (2"-3" for Buffalo and the Northtowns, up to a foot in ski country) just isn't enough?

If you lived at a ski resort you'd be just fine. They make snow. But what if you're at the other end of Western New York - Niagara Falls, say. Those snowmaking machines are pretty expensive to own and operate.Nobody can afford to put one under your Christmas tree [well, Terry Pegula likely could. But he's got other problems just now]. What to do?

Well, it's not cold enough right now. But if the temps really were to drop [how low? Think -30 F, at least. That's actual temperature, not wind chill], a pot of boiling water might be all you need.

And before we go any further, a notice; pouring boiling water off a balcony, as you're about to see done, is a dangerous activity. We DO NOT recommend taking such action, nor are we responsible for any damage or injury resulting from such actions. So don't come crying to us if something bad happens. Better yet, don't do it. Just watch this;

You may be wondering why boiling water makes such fabulous snow. This page shows why. I would have tried to explain it for you, but I don't really understand the principles in use here.

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[A tip of the touque to Y! News for our first look at the Siberian Snow Maker...]