Sometimes we Earthlings just don't pay enough attention to happenings elsewhere in the Universe. For instance, while we've been taking care of holiday preparations [or dealing with the repercussions of what happened at the office party], a major battle has broken out in the far-distant galaxy of Southern California

The dispute pits two icons of the Sci-Fi Megaverse, Carrie Fisher (Star Wars' s Princess Leia) and William Shatner (TV's T.J. Hooker...oh, sorry, Captain Kirk from Star Trek) in an intergalactic slap fight. In case you'd missed the dust-up, we have a few clips, along with an appeal for Star Peace from a fellow giant in the field:

[allegiancebway, via YouTube]

While the conflict between Shatner and Fisher is little more than a blip in the Time-Space Continuum, I have to agree with Mr. Takei: the danger being caused by young vampires, especially the whole Twilight franchise [Team Edward? My favorite "team" was, and remains Team Rocket, from the old Pokemon cartoon show] , constitutes the biggest threat to the fabric of Time. Or Newsweek. Or...well, you get the idea. I hope.