When new artists break through in the music scene, many people remain skeptical until they have their first big hit.

When it comes to new artist Sam Smith, there is no reason to be skeptical.

Have you ever heard the expression, "His voice is like butter"? Well, just in case you aren't familiar with it yet, listen to new artist Sam Smith sing "Stay With Me" and you'll begin to understand. When Sam sings, his voice has a smooth and creamy tone with a sweet falsetto and rich bottom notes. Simply stated, he nails the love songs every time.

Sam Smith was born in the UK and he's what people are calling a young British crooner, although his career is just beginning so we have yet to see what he will deliver in the coming years. So far so good with songs like "Stay With Me," "Leave Your Lover," and "Lay Me Down." It's the kind of music that sends a clear message to your lover when you put it on. And when your sweetheart can't be near, it's the kind of music you listen to by candlelight, indulging in dark chocolate and daydreams.

Do not miss this opportunity to check out Sam Smith! Visit Amazon.com and iTunes today to download his album so you can be one of the brilliant ones that can say, "I liked Sam Smith before he was famous."

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post