Keeping trade secrets is one thing.  Building a 21,468 square foot cafeteria for your employees only, may be pushing it.

Apple is planning to build a 21,468-square-foot eatery exclusively for Apple
employees. It will be closed to the public. The idea behind the building is to
create a space where workers can talk shop without fear of pesky competitors

The first floor of the new building will hold a 204-seat cafeteria along with
meeting rooms, a lounge and a courtyard. The second floor will have conference
rooms, storage areas and administrative space. There will also be an underground

I guess the other question is are employees required to eat there?  Does Apple think that maybe more "work" will get done during lunch and they are getting more out of their employees?

Would you like a fancy "cafeteria" like this where you work or does this seem too controlling?