Financial records could be one way to tell if he's cheating on you. Take a look at these

Credit card statements that reflect charges for flowers, jewelry, lingerie or other gift items that the wife did not personally receive.

Unauthorized or surprise withdrawals from joint bank accounts.

Deposit slips or bank statements that indicate the existence of a previously unknown checking or savings account in the name of only the wife or husband.

The liquidation of assets, such as stocks and bonds, stamp or coin collections and artwork, without a plausible explanation.

Misrepresentation of or failure to mention raises, bonuses or overtime pay.

Income tax returns which reveal unexplained or previously unknown travel-related deductions.

Financial records, including canceled checks, receipts, money orders or other documents, that indicate he's maintaining a separate residence or has been paying someone else's bills.

A sudden decrease in disposable income.

An increase in ATM withdrawals.