Is Meredith Vieira leaving the Today Show?  The rumor mill is brewing that she may be on her way. I enjoyed watching Meredith on the view and she brings life to the Today Show. I would be sad to see her leave  when her contract expires in September. According to the TV Guide, She is tired of the long hours and her husband is battling MS and cancer and she would like to spend more time with him.  It has been said that NBC will do everything to try and keep her. I applaud her for wanting to take care of her husband. When she is ready to come back a job will be waiting for her.

So if she leaves who will replace her? Will it be Ann Curry? It remains to be seen. There will never be another Meredith and I am sure who ever they replace her with will be just as equally loved.  As long as they don't replace her with another View alum all will be well.