Since Regis Philbin announced he was giving up the grind of a daily talk show, "Live" fans have been counting down to his last show, two weeks from this Friday [November 18Th]. So who'll replace the iconic "Reege"? Well, the early front-runner will be the first guest co-host after Philbin's departure.

Jerry Seinfeld sits in with Kelly Ripa November 21-23. Among the scheduled guests; celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, comedian/reality show judge Howie Mandel, and Muppet Miss Piggy. But more than a few eyes will focus on the chemistry between Kelly and Jerry.

Joining the "Live" show probably has appeal for Seinfeld. It's based in Manhattan, meaning Jerry could head home daily to wife Jessica and their three children. But the format, allowing for frequent guest co-hosts, would give him the opportunity to take time off to do stand-up appearances, or work on his series The Marriage Ref. Meanwhile, "Live" producers realize Jerry would require little or no promotion as a new host, and are confident that Kelly Ripa and he will hit the ground running.

So what do you think? Would Seinfeld make a good replacement for Regis? Or are you hoping for someone else [if so, who?]? Voice your choice, either here or on our Facebook page.