Or are people just looking for something to complain about? 

Before I read about what people were complaining about with this recent JC Penney commercial, I watched it to see if I could pick it out.

Well, I couldn't. Nothing jumped out at me. Can you figure it out?

Here's why JC Penney pulled this ad: Many critics on Facebook and other social media websites have attacked JC Penney for promoting bullying while hyping this year’s popular clothing brands.

The "offending" ad features a voiceover saying that a boy’s clothing could “make or break” him for the entire school year. It then shows a student sitting alone at a lunch table, while all other students have quickly disappeared.

Some people complained to JC Penney online, saying that the spot promotes bullying and puts extreme pressure on cash-strapped parents to purchase the latest clothes for their kids.

So I ask you: Do you see anything wrong with this ad, or are people making something out of nothing?