It happens.  You wait in a long line at the mall to get your child's photo with Santa, and then they don't want to sit on his lap.  In fact, they scream and cry at the thought.  So what do you do?

This happened to me when my kids were younger.  My daughter absolutely loved the idea of visiting Santa, but my 13-month old son cried so hard when we tried to boost him up on the jolly old man's lap.  I could hardly believe it.  He was afraid of Santa!  Somehow we got a picture, my daughter smiling on Santa's lap - and my son sitting on some mysterious knee next to Santa still crying.  Yes, we can laugh now, but at the time I really wasn't sure what to do.  Since then I have checked in with the experts, and opinions vary.  Some agree the crying picture will become a family favorite, and others say you should walk away and forget the idea of a photo with Santa.  Either way, hopefully the kids will out grow their fear.  In the meantime, if this happens to you, know that you are not alone!