I'm so excited! How cool is this?!?!?!

I treated myself to a birthday gift:  this Fish Clock.  Yes, it's  a fish tank and a clock in one.  And, making it even MORE amazing, it came in my favorite color -- a deep ruby red.

JoyFM, Laura Daniels

A friend of mine from Albany is relocating to California, so she's staying with her parents in Westfield.  She's coming to visit me Friday, and our first order of business before hitting the town is Siamese Fighting Fish shopping (otherwise known as the betta fish)!

Start following me on Twitter (@LauraDaniels961) as I ask for your help in a very important step in my new pet ownership: the name! :)  But we can't name it till we see it...so follow me now, and be the first to cast your vote by tweeting at me with #NameMyFish!  Get in on the fun!

:) <3 LD