There was a bakery in Buffalo that used to [and may still, for all I know; if you can remember which one it was or is, please leave us the information below or on our Facebook page] make doughnuts that looked exactly like hamburgers and hot dogs. Now a Canadian vendor is raising the stakes [steaks?] in the “disguised food” competition.

The perpetrator -- oopsie, I mean vendor -- in question is Maple Lodge Farms, who used the just-ended Canadian National Exhibition to introduce the world to the chocolate éclair hot dog.

It’s not complicated. Just slice open a full-size éclair, scoop out the filling, drop in a hot dog, cover with whipped cream and sprinkles and you’re done. Nothing wrong as such with that kind of treat; it may even be marginally better for you than deep-fried Kool-Aid.

But I just don’t know. Anyone who’s ever tried to keep the various parts of a meal where they belong when eating probably can see my thinking. Then again, one of my favorite bits of wisdom is “Always eat dessert first. You never know if you’ll live to the end of the meal.”

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