Did you know it’s Meet a Mate Week! The idea is to get enough people around the U.S. to get out there so they run into each other. A recent Internet survey for Chanel of 1500 college students ages 17-21 and young professionals ages 22-29, revealed that while a majority are willing to take chances to meet the love of their lives, the rules of the dating game have not changed.

58% believed in love at first sight

31% said they would take a chance on love

23% said they would take a chance on traveling around the world

61% prefer to ask someone out in person, 18% prefer to ask someone out over the phone and 7% via e-mail

61% of young adults wait 2-3 days following a first date to set up the second.

35% cite hair as the most important physical factor in the search for love, while 24% consider fragrance to be the most essential date item.

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