So tonight I get to go to the wife's holiday party.  I shouldn't complain.  Some places don't have them at all.  This one isn't free though.

My wife's company has a holiday party every year.  They don't pay for anything.  It's $50 a head.  Happy holidays, right.  Its nice to get together and all.  We know the way this will go.  Food, drinks and then it begins to feel like a wedding.  The usual "party" songs.  Come to think of it, they usually don't play and Christmas music.  Weird.

Nothing good usually comes of these things.  Usually the "young" people have one too many and do things they regret the next day.  Good for some office gossip I suppose.  BTW, a large majority of extra martial affairs happen after a work Christmas party.  Keep that in mind if your spouse is going alone to their party.

I'll be sure to give a report on the festivities tomorrow.  Wish me luck.