It's not every day you meet a sloth (the animal...not the "my favorite deadly sin" kind).

A real, honest-to-goodness sloth.

And who knew they were so adorable! (We call these shots "slothies" because "selfie" is SO yesterday...)

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Jeff Musial, The Animal Guy, is a native Buffalonian and will be introducing you to Sid the Sloth (he's ADORBS and only 8 months old!) at Saturday's KidsFest....He also promises to bring along another "surprise guest", who's nature he refused to disclose. Jeff has been on Jimmy Fallon's show 31 times (and if I play my cards right, I'll be with him on the 32nd visit...animals, Jimmy Fallon,'s a trifecta!)

Here's just a short glimpse at Sid, in his natural state: hanging upside-down on Jeff as he munches on Heather Davis' lunch...(thanks for the communal donation, Heather!)

Check out his cool lil' fingers...(needs a mani/pedi, but I don't think anyone's gonna mention that...but me...)

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Listen to the entire interview with Jeff Musial here:

You do NOT want to miss KidsFest...not only will these handsome fellas be there, but so much more!

See you Saturday! :)