When I think about how much technology has changed life I wonder how my parents did so many things that people in my generation do. What did people do before computers? I mean, my work requires one,  I use one for my own use and to communicate with people. Is that pathetic that our lives almost depend on computers? But, with the change in technology they are replacing jobs. Here’s the top-jobs nearing extinct. Of course, my job’s on the list. Is yours?

1.) Librarians – There is nothing like actually holding a physical book in your hands. I don’t know how people read kindles and such it’s like staring at a computer for hours.

2.) Video store clerk – Hollywood Video, bye. Blockbuster, bye. Redbox, hello. Netflix, nice to meet you.

3.) Postal workers – a job that I sure do hope sticks around. If there’s no postal workers. There’s no mail and I hope we don’t get to the point where mail is extinct.

4.) Professional typists – Wait, aren’t these already extinct. Well, no but you rarely see them now adays.

5.) Travel agents – Once again computers are going to take this one over slowly. With travel packages such as Travelocity, why bother going to the travel agency.

6.) Newspaper deliverer – We’re lucky that we still have the physical paper here in Buffalo. Newsweek magazine has recently stopped printing and went strictly viral. If you want to read newsweek you have to subscribe online.

7.) Supermarket cashier – I mean, don’t you use the self check-out line?

8.) Broadcasters-With the use of the computer and technology, you don’t need anyone to deliver you the news but your computer or phone. It’s right at your fingertips. Hopefully, I’ll stick around here for a little while longer.