With “Saw 3D” it’s “Live or die, make your choice” time again as that creepy marionette with the disembodied voice of Tobin Bell instructs various victims he’s packaged into nasty, elaborate and gory traps about the lives they’ve led, the ways they’ve been found wanting, the “rebirth” he promises if they survive his “game.”

It’s all bunk and has been for years. These are all no-win scenarios. Whatever moral lessons were presented in the earliest “Saw” films seem to have been dispensed with as the movies grow more and more gruesome, with filmmakers caught up in “What would it look like if somebody’s jaw was ripped out, or their skin was glued to a car seat?”

Two performances – the return of Cary Elwes from the first film (missing a leg, which he had to cut off to escape) and another chilling flashback turn by iguana-eyed Tobin Bell – stand out.

Any signs of life the series showed in the last installment “(Saw VI”), a dash of humanity here and there, were premature. This corpse is cold and getting colder. At least NEXT October is still a long way off.