A confession, to begin this; I have never seen any episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8, or its sequel, Kate Plus 8 [I am neither proud nor ashamed by this. I just believe life is too short to watch televised looney tunes that don't feature Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, or Foghorn Leghorn (though if you have a Road Runner cartoon ready to roll, I'll likely enjoy it).
TLC pulled the plug on Kate Plus 8 recently, leaving Kate Gosselin wringing her hands about her and her family's future on the cover of People magazine. According to her, the eight kids "weren't ready" to stop the show, which has aired in one form or another since 2005.
Now Jon Gosselin, who left the series, and reality TV, after a messy [and mostly televised] divorce in 2009, has some advice for his ex. He shared it on the RumorFix web site:

[RumorFix, via YouTube]

Now, I know enough about Jon Gosselin to understand he's not usually the Voice of Reason. But I really think he is here. Six years on a reality show can't be too healthy for anyone, with every element of your life on public display. Imagine what the last six years must have been like for those kids, whether they're willing to continue or not (and someone should be asking if the children are going to see any of the money the show made for their parents. There are laws to protect child actors from their parents blowing their earnings. Do they apply to reality TV shows?).

The recent tragic death of Russell Armstrong, featured on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, shows the strain that living your life before the cameras can put on people (although the current theory, that Armstrong killed himself, is under attack. Whether he committed suicide or not, the strain certainly contributed to his divorce). I think Kate wants to do right by her kids. But do they really need that 50 acre farm in Pennsylvania, or any other of the luxuries celebrity bought them [including that $55,000 sports car that Kate bought just before the cancellation. You know, the one that can't hold all eight kids. That's the one].

Look, whatever grownups want to do that doesn't involve injury or death to others is their business. But could we please have a moratorium on shows that exploit children, like Toddlers And Tiaras, still running on TLC?

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