For the last couple weeks, we've been qualifying listeners on air and within the Joy FM VIP Club for our Big Office Pool -- and now, with the game just a couple days away, we're ready to unveil your official playing boards!

Here's how this works: We've got four boards -- one for each quarter. Using a highly scientific method*, Brian Russel and promotions guy Dean picked the numbers that you'll find along the top and side of each board. If, at the end of the quarter, the last digit of both team's points match the numbers that correspond with your square for that quarter, you win that quarter's prize. So, if the score is San Francisco 3, Baltimore 6 at halftime, Cathy Czw. wins the halftime prize!

Everybody get it? Great! The boards are below, so find your (or your friend's) name, and cheer appropriately!


And the Winner Gets...A month of movies at Regal Cinemas, featuring passes for Identity TheftBeautiful Creatures, Snitch and plenty more.


And the Winner Gets...Two tickets to see Bon Jovi at the First Niagara Center on Sunday, February 24!


And the Winner Gets...A pair of tickets for Carrie Underwood's show at First Niagara Center on Friday, March 26.


And the Winner Gets...A weekend in Toronto to see the Buffalo Sabres take on the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday, February 21, plus two nights at the Intercontinental Toronto Center!

*And by "highly scientific method", we mean this:

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