It's almost that time of year again. In just a few short weeks, Buffalo's students -- from kindergarteners to college seniors -- will be headed back to school. We know hindsight is 20/20 and that you're supposed to learn from, not regret, your mistakes, but our DJs wanted to offer some advice.

If our DJs could go back to school knowing what they know now, they would...

Joe Chille

...I think that I wouldn't take as much crap from other kids at school, but saying that scares me because I probably wouldn't take as much from teachers either, which is probably not a good thing! I also would have paid more attention and studied harder and not used it as a grand vacation. I would have appreciated my close friends more, since a number of them died relatively early in life.

Cheryl Hagen

...have more fun. Seriously, I would. Yes, I would study and do my homework and of course pay attention in class. BUT, I would worry a lot less about what my peers think of me. I would try out for softball and go to more school sporting events. I would attend school dances with friends and jump around to the music 'til I was too exhausted to stand. I would join more clubs, take more pictures and get more involved with people in general.

You may have guessed by now, I was very quiet back in school. I always tried to fade away into the background. I did a good job, LOL!  I guess I would just let more of the 'real me' show and do all of the things I secretly wanted to do, but didn't for one reason or another. As my kids would say, 'YOYO... You're only young once!'


...pack my lunch everyday. My food always tastes better than school hot lunch; I never use pink slime. I would stop trying all of the fad diets and enjoy just being me. I wouldn't take on the black diamond slope faster than I should have. My knee still hurts from time to time! And I would thank all of my teachers and my school librarian for always being there to help and care.

Brian Russel

...get away with a lot more that I thought at the time I couldn't get away with.

Mike Riley

...earn a different degree from the one I got (Communication Arts, Gannon University '75). I wanted to be in radio since my childhood. I certainly learned my craft, but I wish I had a broader course of studies than even a good Liberal Arts education provided (though I did learn how to open some door locks with a credit card while I was in school. Some skills do transfer into life).

A bigger point: Don't lock yourself into one career track if you can possibly help it. I love what I do. But what if you go through school for one thing, then find out it makes you miserable? 'Keep your options open' is always good advice.