We're rolling out another new feature on the Joy Morning Rush, and it starts TOMORROW (June 18)!

(Please be sure to carefully read the "a few things to keep in mind" portion at the bottom of this post. Very important!!!!)

If you've ever wondered what lies on the other side...or if the loved ones who have crossed over still hear you...or if you've ever been curious about the afterlife...Intuitive Tuesday is for you!

Renowned spirit medium Maureen Hancock will be making a weekly appearance on the show...and having spoken to Maureen a few times, I know you're going to enjoy her energy, personality, and incredible God-given talent. She's a teacher, lecturer, holistic healer and author of the book The Medium Next Door ~ Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer. She also stars in the new Style network documentary, Psychic in Suburbia.


I'll introduce you to Maureen around 6:20 tomorrow morning, and then we'll take a few of your calls. Our studio line is (716) 644-9696.

A few things to keep in mind if/when you're calling for a reading:

  • Please focus on ONE specific question and/or person who has crossed over, and please do so before you even pick up the phone. If you ask "I'm just wondering if anyone's around me," I can tell you without Maureen's help, the answer is "Yes."  (And if you still ask something like that, we will unfortunately have to move to the next specific caller.) Focusing on one specific thing/person will allow for a better reading and experience for you.
  • Maureen is more of a spirit medium than a psychic...which is to say she connects with those who have passed on and brings messages forward, versus "forecasting" what's going on in your love life. A good way to bridge this is asking something like, "My dad is passed. Can you ask him how he feels about this new guy in my life?"
  • While you should have someone in mind you'd like to connect with, be prepared to expect the unexpected -- sometimes OTHER spirits decide to pop up too! But Maureen will do her best to directly connect with whom it is you're focusing on.
  • Due to time constraints, your calls/questions must be kept brief. There may be times when Maureen wraps up your question with a "Thank you for calling," and that means we'll have to get moving to the next caller. Please know we're going to do our best to be as thorough as possible, but we cannot keep the same caller on for longer than a minute or two.
  • Readings are for entertainment purposes only.