There are two big questions around here every holiday season:

-Who's wearing the Santa suit at the Christmas party?

-When are we going all-Christmas music?

Well, I don't know the answer to the first question [I've successfully ducked it for over a decade now] nor, surprisingly, the second one. No, really. It happens very quickly, almost as if magic elves get into our computers and reprogram the station for two months or so. Anyway, 'till the magic happens, here are a few Christmas faves you've enjoyed in years past:

[Mariah Carey/Vevo/YouTube]

Now, it's Wham!:

And we all know it isn't Christmas without Nat King Cole. Here's a rare video of "The Christmas Song" from a 1950s TV show:
[Nat King Cole/Vevo/YouTube]

Here's hoping these Christmas classics hold you over until we go to our annual all-Christmas music presentation. When will that be? Stay tuned...