Sometimes it's hard for many people to realize what they are thankful for because they've never really thought about it.

Delilah explains that by sharing one thing you are thankful for each day, it'll help remind you to be thankful for blessings of all sizes.

Have you jumped on the "Thankful Train"? A lot of my friends have been sharing one thing each day they are thankful for -- everything from a working washing machine, to being thankful for a lunch date with a good friend, to being thankful for clean, running water, and so on. It’s actually a wonderful daily reminder to be thankful for blessings of all sizes, big and small. Here’s a good list from my fans on Facebook
Thankful for my family. My dad used to say we don't have much, but we have each other. This is so true, because money helps, but it can't buy the love you receive from your family. Karen
Thankful for keys in my purse. My husband lost his and we are away on a trip. Doris
Thankful today for a beautiful, clear blue sky and mural God has given us with trees this year. They are spectacular! Becky
I dropped my daughter off at college on a very stormy night last Friday and I'm thankful your voice on the radio got me home. Jennifer
I am so thankful for my beautiful, talented nieces that bring so much love, joy and laughter to my life! I was not blessed with my own children, so I "adopt" everyone else's. Mary
Thankful for another day of sobriety. 18 months and counting. Karen
I have bigger and greater faults than the San Andreas! He saved a wretch like me anyway. Eternally grateful. Juan
Thankful for so many things today...another beautiful day, good health, food in my belly, all the little things. Bev

Reflect on the things that make your life a little easier, better, happier…I know you can name a few. A grateful attitude makes a great way to go into the rest of your evening. Just a thought.

What are YOU thankful for? Share by commenting below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post